Renew Groups at Rejuvenate, are our weekly home groups. The simple mission of Renew Groups is to create relational bonds that develop spiritual maturity. They are really a great place to create deeper community with others, build lasting relationships, growing in life and the Word together and challenging each other to be bold in our faith and our purpose. Renew Groups run on a 3 month semester in the fall, winter and spring, taking summers off. Get involved with a Renew Group now!

Current Renew Groups:

  • Sunday Morning . 9am . Inside The Grove Kid's Suite - Loggins

  • Every Other Sunday Evening . 6:30pm . Easley, SC - Wells

  • Every Other Monday Evening . 6:30pm . The Shack - Smith

  • Tuesday's . 6:45pm . The Shack . Cantu

  • Thursday's . 7pm . The Shack . Williams

  • Friday's . 6:30pm . Anderson, SC . Santos


Revive Women

Revive Women, led by Pastor Serena Wilson, is our women's ministry group. All women of Rejuvenate are welcome and encouraged to be a part of this group for each event. Revive Women is designed to create encouraging relationships and spiritually-driven women through discipleship and a practically challenging word. These gatherings are always refreshing, exciting and fun!


Rejuvenate Students

Rejuvenate Students serves the middle and high school students of Rejuvenate Church. Creating an opportunity for connection, fun, healthy relationships and spiritual growth, RC Students meet during Wednesday Discipleship at 7pm and have ALIVE Worship night, every other Saturday night at 6:30pm.